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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions we are frequently asked, and other information we just want to get across to our website visitors.

1.   Why don’t we charge commissions?

A.  The main reason is because we want to keep it simple.  If we are in the middle of every financial transaction that occurs on this site we would never get anything done.  We also don’t want to become the referee for every gig that is sold on the site.  The transaction is completely between the buyer and the seller.  By not charging a commission we also don’t have to monitor and censor any messages between the buyer and seller.  Other sites won’t let you pass email addresses, phone numbers or other contact information because they are afraid you will pay for the gig outside of their system and they won’t get their commission.  We are aware of other sites that charge you a commission on EACH AND EVERY sale you make, up to 20% of every sale you make!  And you have to reach a certain amount before they pay you at all!  We aren’t that greedy.

2.  What if you pay an advertiser for a gig and they don’t deliver or perform the task?

A.  We recommend using PayPal for any transaction.  If there is a problem with the delivery you can dispute the transaction through your PayPal account.  You may also come to an agreement with the seller where you pay 50% at the beginning and the remaining 50% when the gig is finished.  If the transaction is for a very large amount the parties involved may want to consider using the services of an Escrow provider.